Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Boring eye chips?

Got boring eye chips you want to get rid off or want to exchange for something else?
Well I have a solution just for you! (lol is this a commercial?)  ⊙ω⊙

Materials needed:
-White acrylic or any color of acrylic you want to use.
-Tooth pick.
-A clean cloth

1.) Open your doll's head carefully! (note: Don't loose the screws!)
Tutorial:Head opening, eye mech removal

2.) Either remove the eye chips or you can work with it while its still attached to the eye mech.

3.) Use the tooth pick and dump it on your acrylic paint.

4.) Design the eye chips. If you make a tiny mistake leave it be and let it dry a little then use the clean side of the tooth pick and use it like an eraser. Or if you made a whole lot of mistakes, use the clean cloth to wipe it, then try again. (The acrylic is not permanent and its easy to remove from the eye chips)
Warning: Avoid smearing some acrylic paint on your pullip's head! You will need to sand it off if do!

5.) After plenty of mistakes now you have a finish product! You can always change the design once you get bored from its looks.

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